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Your residence might be your home for many decades as it’s passed down through the generations. At Falconnier Design Company, we keep this concept in mind as we design spaces that are truly breathtaking. Residential homes are just as complex as any commercial building. Every home must speak to possible homebuyers as they walk through the halls. When you’re ready to conceive and build a residence in Knoxville, Tennessee, take a look at what our residential architectural¬†design company can do for you.


Our Dedicated Staff

Fiercely competitive design companies are often looking for ways to branch out of their local surroundings. Our residential architectural design company, however, doesn’t overlook our immediate community. In fact, our staff is pleased to serve the Knoxville, Tennessee, area with all of our efforts on each project. Although we’re licensed to work in more than 30 states, our team prefers to beautify this neighborhood with attractive and low-cost buildings for every resident. Building communities with one structure at a time reflects our dedication to this great city.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_blueprintCommunity Design Expertise

Knoxville, Tennessee, is growing exponentially every year. In response, our city needs more housing for the exploding population. Our talented residential architectural design company is excited to create large, community blueprints. If you’re a builder or investor, make an appointment with our team to discuss your next project. We can create houses that are similar in size and cost without making the area appear like a cookie-cutter design. Tract housing doesn’t allow homebuyers to express their individuality. Our designs can meet almost any budget while beautifying an area as property values skyrocket.


On the Private Side

When you purchase a Tennessee property, it may not have a structure on it. Buying land outright is a smart investment for many people. At that point, they can decide on a home design that fits their needs. Room quantities, sizing considerations and dozens of features can be chosen by the property owner with the help of our interior design company. Our plans can be easily converted into a standing building with the help of local contractors. These professionals, including Appalachian Log Homes, work with our team to make your dream home a reality. In the end, you’ll have the final say on every feature found within the home.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_home_extensionAdding Onto Your Home

You may not believe that our residential architectural design company talents are necessary at your home, but long-term property owners often turn to us over the years. Adding a new wing or section to the home is a major undertaking. Structural engineering and critical design aspects must be scrutinized down to the smallest measurements. Allow our experienced residential architectural design company to create several blueprints for your approval. With a precise design to follow, your building contractor will have that new section added in very little time.


One Call Starts It All

Our residential architectural design company has a relaxed atmosphere when you come in for your appointment. Grab a cup of coffee, and brainstorm with our staff about your next structural project. We’re licensed to work in Tennessee and many other states so our residential architectural design company can complete nearly any request. Allow us to create up to four designs for your needs, and we can discuss the merits of each one afterward. In the end, it’s your vision that drives our passions.

Give our Knoxville residential architectural design company a call today at 865-686-8528. We’re open weekdays between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Request an appointment, or stop by our offices to discuss your potential project. Creating a comfortable, living space requires years of experience and talent that our staff can provide.

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