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Worshiping God is a personal decision, and the faithful will often congregate in facilities where they feel the most comfortable. When you’re looking to remodel or build your religious facility, turn to Falconnier Design Company. Our dedicated Knoxville, Tennessee, professionals are pleased to design any church or educational building that you have in mind. As a top church facility design company within the community, you’re welcome to take a look at our services that can bring in the masses.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_church_interiorAttracting the Faithful – Church Facility Design

Many residents within Knoxville, Tennessee, are devoutly religious. These masses demand an attractive church facility design as they visit every week. Fulfill the needs of your congregation by remodeling or building a new worshiping center. Our team can create a blueprint that caters toward the entire church’s needs. Pews line the main church space while a wide space opens up along the side within a multipurpose room.

As your followers drive past the church, their breath will be taken away at the architectural details. It’s not necessary to cover the entire building in crucifixes. As an alternative, our church facility design team can incorporate more subtle indications of the Christian faith.

Attention to Detail

As our Knoxville church facility design team continues with your project plans, you’ll be elated at the fine details that we incorporate. You’ll notice strategic windows placed along walls and ceilings that allow the bright Tennessee sunlight to stream indoors. When the sun’s angle is just right, your entire congregation might believe that God is shining His light right on His followers.

Our team can also add nuanced details across other spaces as well. For those recreation rooms, we can add functional tiles in the form of a cross on the floor. We might integrate subtle crosses near lighting fixtures as well. In fact, the fixtures themselves may be in the shape of a cross. When it comes to your church facility design, our designers listen to your ideas and integrate them as much as possible into the final plans.

falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_modern_clSSROOMEducating the Masses

Our design firm is also dedicated to traditional education. Your children don’t learn everything at their public school. They also experience life’s lessons at recreation centers, multipurpose facilities and other locations. Allow our educational facility design company to create a plan that works for your teaching needs. We can incorporate several features, including:

• Functional hallways and classrooms

• Specialized electrical supplies for computer projection

• Spacious rooms for large, class sizes.

In many cases, our educational facility design company must form a project that’s both community-oriented and religious in nature. Christian camps and getaway facilities are some of our most prized achievements. Simply explain your goals regarding the facility, and our team will work diligently on a design solution.

Community Dedication

As a dedicated educational facility design company, we have the ability to work in several states as our expertise becomes widely known. However, our educational facility design company team prefers to work exclusively within the Knoxville area. Our staff shares the values of this beautiful city along with dedication to religious freedom. Everyone should learn something new every day so we strive to be the best educational facility design company that fulfills that goal. With many material suppliers as partners in the area, our team will create a design that can be brought to life with few obstacles.

Our Knoxville, Tennessee, office is open five days a week from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Give us a call or make an appointment online so that we can hear about your needs with no distractions. At Falconnier Design Company, we strive to serve the community as one of the best church facility design teams around.

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