Falconnier Design Company – Interior Design

It takes a keen eye and years of experience to design an interior with flair. Falconnier Design Company has been in business since 1992. Within that time period, we’ve created astounding interior designs across the Knoxville, Tennessee, region. Our team can transform nearly any property from the inside out, including:

• Churches

• Showrooms

• Retail spaces

• Convention centers

• Hotels

As a top interior design company, we invite you to learn about our skill sets for that next challenging project.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_blueprint_2Guiding Floor Plans

One of the most important aspects of design is floor-plan creation. Our interior design company excels at custom floor plans for any structure, from commercial to residential. Some Knoxville, Tennessee, buildings need to accommodate disabled people, especially at medical centers. Our floor plans reflect the needs of the people who frequent those establishments. As a result, hallways and doorways are ample enough for any wheelchairs or other items. Your residential floor plan can be improved with our services too. Create a home that flows from the front door, into the living room and ends at an attractive French-door installation. Pathways within the home define its beauty as visitors enjoy the space.


Welcoming Spaces

An inexperienced interior design company can easily close off an interior space without noticing its implications. One improperly installed wall section creates a dark-room effect with little natural light filtering through the space. Our Knoxville, Tennessee, design team takes your structure’s physical orientation into consideration as an interior concept comes alive. Windows and sunlight patterns are carefully aligned with the interior spaces. As you walk into a living room, you might have a wet bar along one wall with a walkway strategically placed alongside an open window. In fact, we’ll offer you several different interior-design choices when you work with our talented group.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_modern_home_exteriorLighting With Flair

Part of our job is to incorporate lighting concepts within your rooms. The building might have a lot of natural light moving through it at various times of day, but evening does arrive at some point. Pendant light fixtures, wall sconces and recessed lighting are all part of our concepts conceived at our interior design company. We can create a virtual picture of the lighting with our software too. You’ll be able to see how that lighting affects the traffic through a commercial or residential building. Create a safe and flowing interior space with our lighting ideas.

Commercial Design Aspects

When you have a commercial space to design at the interior level, it’s crucial to work with experienced designers. A consultation with our team will require some background information from you. We’ll need to know if your business requires certain features, such as:

• Dedicated employee break rooms

• Secure warehouse areas

• Multiple doors and locking mechanisms

As you work with our team, you’ll realize that the design is a team effort. Ideally, we want to incorporate every feature that you can imagine within the design. It can be possible with our team’s vast industry knowledge.

Professional Residential Consultations

The interior design of a home is critically important for comfort and potential sales after its implementation. Make an appointment with our architects, and they can create several floor plans that work for your home. Staircases, walkways and wall locations can all be designed well before any buildout is performed. A small home can look huge when it’s properly designed.

Falconnier Design Company works with local contractors and material suppliers to help the economy at every turn. Knoxville, Tennessee, is a close-knit community that deserves beautiful interiors as visitors pass through town. Any structure’s interior design reflects the region, and our team wants to convey the area’s southern hospitality with every structural feature.