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From retail spaces to municipal facilities, Falconnier Design Company is your solution for a brand-new, commercial architectural design. We’re proud to be native Knoxville, Tennessee, residents. In fact, we strive to serve our community instead of branching out into other areas. As we beautify the commercial aspect of this great community, you can be sure that each building is breathtaking and functional with one walk-through experience.


Taking Your Customers Into Consideration

Every commercial architectural design in Knoxville, Tennessee, must support the clientele who frequent the area. A retail space requires ample glass windows and outdoor seating. Our team might devise a shaded area outside of the main shopping area so that customers have a reprieve from the warm Tennessee summers. The design team also takes the property’s orientation into consideration too. Some buildings may face the sunrise or sunset, for example. With our powerful design software, it’s possible to manipulate a building’s location on a specific property until it’s perfectly suited for your future clients. The main goal of any commercial architectural design is to keep people on the property as they shop to their heart’s content.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_modern_bedroomCreating Inviting Spaces

As your clients walk into a well-designed building, the layout should invite them on a subconscious level to explore the space. This concept is important for both retail and office spaces. Our Knoxville commercial architectural design firm brainstorms as a team about every project. If you have a huge office space to design, we’ll form a custom floor plan that comfortably houses all of the applicable departments. While keeping the departments physically separated, we also manipulate the walking spaces so that communication is encouraged among the employees. Other features excite our clients as well, including well-lit hallways, reception areas and ample meeting space. Simply give us a mental picture of your company’s mission, and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.


Our Quoting Process

Our commercial architectural design team knows that your time is precious. We streamline our meetings as much as possible, so that you can be on your way. As we create a design for you afterward, the costs will usually remain under $3,000. We’re able to perform this high-quality and low-cost service because of our talented staff. When you meet up with us again, you’ll receive up to four different designs. Each one of these layouts is based on your interview and building needs, but they all have slightly different design elements. Select the best design for your commercial needs, and we’ll be able to refer you to a qualified Knoxville contractor.


falconnier_design_company_knoxville_page_modern_officeSpecialty Designs

Some commercial spaces are specialty types that require extensive architectural features and nuances. As your trusted commercial architectural design team, you’ll have a smooth experience building a virtual structure with us. In the past, we’ve designed several specialty areas, including:

• Fire stations

• Electric company headquarters

• Dental offices

When you’re in need of a specialty office, give us a list of the features that must be embedded into the design. Open wall crevices for dental gas hoses and specialty studs for fire-station poles are possible when you discuss these elements with our team. Our staff can incorporate every structural feature into your commercial design without compromising stability. In the end, you’ll have a seamless design filled with specialty features that would otherwise be overlooked by other companies.

Make an appointment with our talented architects today. Commercial architectural design in Knoxville, Tennessee is a competitive field, but we rely on our 20 years of experience to get your project up and running. Allow our team to show off our hospitality as your future building offers the same appeal to customers across the region.

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