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  • High-quality architecture is an art form that takes years of experience and education to master.

    When you contact our professionals at Falconnier Design Company, you’ll only be greeted by the very best design team in the Knoxville, Tennessee, area. You won’t just receive design concepts when you work with our interior design company. In fact, we become your partner in designing your dream building. Whether you’re a commercial or residential builder, allow our architectural design company to make a mark in your neighborhood with grace and beauty as main features.

  • Our Core Passions

    Since 1992, our Knoxville, Tennessee, architectural design company has been dedicated to this area’s southern appeal. Old-fashioned hospitality is still a core ideal in this neighborhood, and we reflect that concept in our interior design options. Our core passions are what drive our team, including:

    • Custom floor plans

    • Commercial architecture

    • Residential and religious architecture

    When you initially call our architectural design company offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, you’ll immediately feel at ease. Our design options are almost endless as our architects build a blueprint that can last the test of time.

  • Small Town Feel With a Global Reach

    Our architectural design company is pleased to serve the Knoxville, Tennessee, area because our roots run deep in this beautiful region. However, our small-town appeal doesn’t mean that you have limits on the designs that you receive. In fact, our interior design company is licensed in 32 states, and we’ve even branched out as far as New Zealand. Being a global design team broadens our perspective and allows us to decorate this area with distinct buildings during each project.

Serving the Faithful

Our team is also proud to work with the churches in this great region. As an architectural design company, it’s our duty to attract people into a building or space out of sheer appreciation for the concept. As we carefully create a religious building on paper, we’re aware of its impact on parishioners. We welcome your input as a religious leader when we draw up the plans.

How to Start Your Architectural Journey

Begin your journey with our interior design company by giving us a call or dropping by our office. We’ll start off your journey by asking a few questions about your needs, including:

• Goals for the structure
• Capacity considerations
• Design flow through the building

Our architectural design company creates a blueprint for you that any contractor can follow without any issues. In fact, we can refer you to a contractor when you’re ready to break ground.

Timing and Cost Considerations

As an experienced architectural design company, we know that your time is just as valuable as ours. After we meet with you, we’ll create several designs that might work for your project. Ideally, our costs should remain under the $3,000 mark. We want you to have quality plans so that your building can become a reality in time.

Our Standout Differences

Although there are a lot of competitors out there, our design team strives to stand out from the crowd with multiple options for each client. You won’t receive just one design that limits your vision. In fact, you’ll see between two and four designs before any final decisions are made. Architectural design is complex, but there are countless options for your commercial, residential and religious needs.

If you’re ready to build an attractive structure in Knoxville, Tennessee, contact Falconnier Design Company today. Our architectural team takes your building’s purpose into consideration and designs a space around those ideals. From worshiping God to creating spaces for growing families, our interior design company is committed to your project at the very moment that we shake hands in partnership.